The Promise

When it comes to New York pizza, it’s not the size or the name that matter, it’s how to stay true to yourself, true to your ancestors who built this city. Walk down the streets of New York, talk to its people, and grab a bite from its local bistros and you’ll know why people wake up every morning. It’s the passion to bring the best of what they have.

Making pizza at il Capo takes skill, passion, and recipes passed down through generations. It can’t be made without the best quality of Mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce made fresh everyday. New York pizza is baked in a real oven not an automatic conveyer. What we promise is pizza, the way it’s done for generations.



Al-Hidd Avenue near to Al-Hidd Municipality

For Delivery 17262626

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For Delivery. 17 26 26 26

Slice of

New York


Slice of

New York